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Web Hosting Addons

Web Hosting Addons

The PayFlow Pro and PayFlow Link systems are highly secure, and universally recognized credit card processing gateways. PayFlow Pro and PayFlow link can proccess transactions in both US and Canadian Dollars, and can easily be integrated into your existing application and Web Hosting Package.

PayFlow Pro is a completely customizable payment processing solution and is recommended for merchants who require peak site performance and direct control over payment functionality on their Web site. Payflow Pro also allows you to process orders received offline (via telephone, fax, e-mail or in person) using a virtual terminal. The Payflow Pro client is available as a software download that includes a software development kit for simple API integration. The client is also integrated with most major shopping cart software.

Payflow Link is a service designed for merchants who require a simple solution for accepting payments on the Web. The Payflow Link service is a hosted order form service that allows your customer to securely input their credit card information. To use Payflow Link, you only need to add a small piece of HTML code to your Web site that will link a customer from your site to the order forms hosted by Paypal. Payflow Link offers you a simple package for payment processing, including credit cards and electronic check processing functionality as well as offline order processing. The Payflow Link service works with most major shopping cart software.

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