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To Be Released Domain Names (TBR)

To Be Released Domain Names (TBR)

To Be Released Domain

What "Suspended" Domains Are:

When a dot-ca domain is not renewed by its expiration date, it becomes suspended. A domain name remains suspended for 30-45 days. A 30 day Redemption period follow the suspension period. During this extended period, the domain owner may reactivate the domain name and retain ownership by renewing it.

What "TBR" Domains Are:

TBR stands for "To Be Released". When a dot-ca domain is not renewed within the suspension and redemption periods, it is “deleted’” and becomes TBR(To Be Released). The domain names in TBR status become available for registration during a "special registration session" every Wednesday.

How To Register These Domains:

Due to the high demand for many TBR domains, CIRA has a special registration session before returning them to the pool of available domains.

We have teamed up with our affiliate registrars to submit registration requests as soon as this special registration session opens. This provides the best possible chances of registering a domain name before it gets released to the public.

Click Here To Order a TBR domain!

Did you miss out on renewing a dot-ca domain name? Be the first one to register it when it becomes TBR!

Using online TBR reservation system you can sign up for as many TBR domains as you like.

View the current list of TBR domain names.

* We cannot guarantee that your domain will be registered successfully but reserving it is risk free. You will only pay if the domain is successfully registered and awarded to you.

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